March 7, 215

Been brewing lots of beer the last few months and looking to get more things moving along in the up coming months. Still trying to get the needed funds for renting a building and get things moving finally. Looking at a few good building that would be great for a brewery, one is in bellmore that is in a great area and very easy to get too. Trying to get that one building so I can get some great beer out to all that want!


December 31st

2015 is almost here and we are looking to  make it a big year for Bellmore Brewing Company! We are still looking for funding to get off the ground, but we are close to getting it. This year, look for us at some upcoming events during the year to sample some brews.

September 23rd

Some need brews for this weekend and next week, PUMPKIN BEER. This will be the first time I have brewed a pumpkin beer and also I will brew my wheat ale. This week I will be kegging a new pale ale, brewed with a good amount of citra hops. Also next week I will keg a new IPA. Should be a lot of fun next week.

September 10th

This weekend I will be brewing a Pale Ale and a IPA. Also the Brewery logo t shirt price has been dropped to $25 a shirt instead of $30. I will post pics from the brew day on Facebook, instagram and twitter as always.

August 10th

Some photos from the last two brew days, IPA and Stout. Both brews went well, made some changes to the stout, hopefully there for the better. The stout, I increased the grain bill a little and the abv should be at 6.9% now. The IPA should be more bitter from the last time I had made it. Last time I changed one of the hop times and it wasn't for the better.

I had to reorder the T-shirts so I will let everyone know when there in. Only ordered Mens Larger and Extra Large. Sorry about that, next time I will order other sizes and women sizes too.

Thursday, July 31st

I finally made a website. I will update it as often as I can with anything that I have to share.

Today I will be kegging my wheat ale and this Sunday I will bottle my pale ale. Also will be brewing an IPA and Stout beers with a few changes done to them.

I will be ordering some t-shirts soon and will make them available as soon as I can.